Love for the countryside,
since childhood

We have been cultivating the lands on the Pavia banks of the Po, between Zerbo, Spessa and San Zenone, since the early 1900s. Our rice is the story of the family: from father Giancarlo, who tilled the first fields to produce the precious cereal, up to us, who grew up playing with tractors and wetting our ankles in the rice fields. Today we produce with modern equipment, but the care is still the ancient one, handcrafted and made of passion.

Maria Luisa, Ombretta, Roberto e Sergio Berneri

Today, as then, more than yesterday

Sergio and Roberto work the land directly: you can meet them in the fields, meticulously analyzing the grains in the ears or driving the immense combine harvesters that furrow the large golden fields.

“Nobody could keep me away from the fields” Sergio remembers “As a boy I pretended to go to catechism to hide on the combine harvester waiting for my father to go to the fields. When they discovered me, it was too late to go back to class, so I reached my goal and went threshing with my father.”

Ombretta and Maria Luisa are the commercial and economic soul of the company, as well as the custodians of mother Angela’s ancient recipes, which they do not confess to anyone, but which they show off in the great risottos that the Berneris organize in the company and which have become a social moment that the citizens of Zerbo look forward to every year.

The love of hard work, the desire to share and be together are the values ​​that have always supported the generations of the family.